Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sick and Knitting...

...but not sick of knitting. Knitting is soothing. I knitted in the hospital a few hours after my thyroid surgery (in 2008), when every shift of position made me think my throat would pop open. (Sorry for being graphic.) So... "too sick to knit?" It happens, but not as easily as a non-knitter might think.

I've had either strep or flu since Monday... (still waiting for the verdict on this... depending on whether antibiotics work), and I've done a lot of sleeping, some lying about with no energy to do anything but shiver, but, when the Tylenol is working, I've also done some knitting here and there.

I did finish off the first sock for the Knit Sock Love KAL, though it was not much of an accomplishment... I had it done through the first two rows of ribbing (toe up) on Sunday, and I didn't get sick until Monday. (I hope I didn't make Grandma or anyone else at the party sick. Bluh.) I only had to do 13 more rows of ribbing and bind it off.

Hedera Violeta, one completed
First Hedera Sock for KSL KAL

I also finished the sleeves (only about an inch from being done, anyway), and seamed the shoulders and knitted the collar on the Wrixlan Jacket. The sleeves are blocking (slowly, because I blocked them on top of each other, to force them to be the same), but here is a picture of the body with the collar. Unfortunately, I used selvedge stiches on the front neck edges. They should have been slip stiched, because the collar is picked up on the *inside*, which means the selvedge stitches show. Oh, well...

Wrixlen body done
Wrixlan Jacket, waiting for sleeves

I also cast on the Draped Cardigan. Love the yarn. Love the color. Love it, love it, love it.

Draped Cardigan cast on
Draped Cardigan, Back Ribbing Started

So, I've knitted about an inch on a sock, about an inch on two sleeves, made one collar, and knitted a couple of inches of green ribbing. This is not a great deal in 2.5 days, but, after all, I'm sick. (Knitting makes me feel better, even going slow.)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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