Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am thrilled to report I have a sweater pattern in the "First Fall 2011" issue of Knitty. It is called Undercurrent. :)

Undercurrent - Spin Front 2

Undercurrent - Tractor Bridge Pedaling

Undercurrent - Tractor Bridge Off the End

Undercurrent - Tractor Front Pedaling

Link to the Ravelry Undercurrent pattern page
Link to the Knitty Undercurrent pattern page

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pattern!! You look fabulous in every picture :)

weaverknits said...

Love the pattern, LOVE the photos, too!

Ellen said...

Way to go, Lisa!!! You look fabulous, and so does the sweater! Can't wait to do a knit-along on this at the shop. Miss you.


Julie said...

What a wonderful cardi! I wasn't familiar with your design work before Undercurrent hit, but now I'll be following your creations regularly.

Your son is absolutely adorable, too! I remember my husband pushing our daughter in one of those bucket swings, too, and now she's halfway through college!

Melly Testa said...

great job! Simple and fun.

Debbie's Life & Times said...

Beautiful sweater. Just the pattern I am looking for. I am wondering if you have any advice to offer or notes about how you did the other Undercurrent sweater in one piece to the armholes. This would be really appealing to me!!! Thanks so much.

Lisa Kay said...

Yes, just cast on the total for two fronts and the back, minus four sts. (One st selvedge on each front and each side of the back gets subtracted. Once you get to the armholes, work the right front to the armhole BO and place those sts on a holder. BO sts for both the front and the back at once (minus the two selvedge sts). Work the back sts to the armhole BO and place the back on a holder. BO the second armhole and then work on the left front per instructions. Then return the back (or right front) to the needle and complete it, then complete the last of the three.