Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jungle Sailing

Remember the lovely Southern Cross Fibre that came the first day of the St. Louis Yarn Crawl? Well, I spun up two separate colors of singles, "Spinnaker" (top) and "Into the Jungle" (bottom), both Corriedale.

Spinnaker and Into the Jungle

Then, I plied it together. It is just over 500 yards of dk-to-worsted. (12-14 wpi). It may be enough for a vest if I do the bands in a contrasting yarn.

Spinnaker and Into the Jungle - Plied

I had to look up, "Spinnaker." I thought it had something to do with ships, but I thought it was nav thing. I was going to call the colorway, "Jungle Navigation." Since a spinnaker turns out to be a sail, I changed the name to "Jungle Sailing."

Happy Spinning.
Lisa Kay

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Peg said...

Oh, that's pretty! :)