Thursday, July 21, 2011

TdF Day 20: Homeward

Wow, not intentional, but "Homeward" is what I am, today. I'm having my gall bladder out this morning, and so I am about to spend a few days at home. Hopefully, I will feel well enough to spin in short order. Since tomorrow is the "Challenge Day," it may be my challenge to just do some spinning. We'll see. To cheer me up and motivate me, I won a Day 19 prize in the Ravelry daily drawing. There were 498 posts on yesterday's entries, and two numbers were randomly pulled, so this is a fairly lucky thing. I picked, from the prize list, 100g of fiber from Wharfedale Woolworks.

TdF 2011 Day 20

Last night and this morning, I finished the first bobbin of "Integument" (seen in yesterday's post and to the right, above... the green one), and I started Southern Cross Fibre's "Homeward" on Falkland. I only got about a third of the first bump spun. I laid the "Buccaneer" and "Integument" bobbins alongside it on the wheel to see how it would look (shown above). I'm not sure the green goes as well with the blue/purple as I had in mind, but we shall see...

Happy Spinning,
Lisa Kay

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