Saturday, July 23, 2011

TdF Day 22: Home Stretch

Next to the last day...

I finished the last two bobbins of Southern Cross Fibre, "Homeward," the one in the middle. So I have two skeins of 3-ply left in order to finish with this yarn. I may be able to do it by tomorrow, which is the last TdF day.

TdF 2011 Day 22

In the shot above, the first 3-ply skein is on the upper left, done yesterday. The individual colors, as a reminder, left to right (bobbins on top, rovings on bottom):
Two Sisters Stringworks, “Integument”
Southern Cross Fibre “Homeward”
Southern Cross Fibre “Buccaneer”

And the shot below is everything I've spun during TdF.

TdF Summary

  1. Hedgehog Fibres, Unnamed, 8 oz, 400 yds. (2/3 of singles done before TdF)
  2. Spunky Eclectic “Twilight,” and Funky Carolina, “Some Simple Song,” 16 oz, 725 yds.
  3. Second skein of item 2.
  4. All Spun Up, Nov/Dec 2009 Spin Along Fiber, 8 oz, 330 yds.
  5. Art Club Cuckoobatts, “Meadow,” “Purple Queen,” and “April Showers,” 9 oz, 280 yds.
  6. Pigeonroof Studios Luminosity Club (Red), 8 oz, 415 yds.
  7. Pigeonroof Studios Luminosity Club (Green), 8 oz, 600 yds.
  8. SCF “Homeward” and “Buccaneer” with TSS “Integument”, 12oz, 310 yds (plus another 24 oz of singles ready to ply).

Happy Spinning,
Lisa Kay

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