Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TdF Day 4: All Spun Up Singles Finished, Plying Started

I made good progress on the All Spun Up fiber, and I should be able to finish plying, today.

TdF 2011 Day 4

Clockwise from the lower right:
- All Spun Up fiber (8 oz of Falkland)
- Second bobbin of singles
- Plying begun (should finish easily, today)
- Side view of single and plying bobbin
- Larger wheel shot... Note the bulky flier and bobbin. I've had it on/off the wheel three times in four days! My folks got me the bulky flier for Christmas a while back. Very handy! I can ply 8 oz of fiber onto one bobbin with room left over! I'm planning a 3-ply, 12 oz yarn... I wonder if I'll be able to get that onto one bulky bobbin?

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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