Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puppy Dog Tails

My club fiber from Southern Cross Fibre arrived on Saturday. This month is two superwash merino colorways in a "little girls and boys" theme... "Puppy Dog Tails" and "Sugar and Spice." I spun "Puppy Dog Tails" right away. It is about 125 yards of worsted.

This is my first full project using Navajo plying. I've tried it with leftovers from other spinning, but never done a full batch. I used N-plying because there was a lot of white in the roving, and I didn't want to muddy the colors by mixing them together. I like how it turned out. Because of the superwash merino, which is very soft and also (sort of) washable, it would be perfect for a baby item...

Southern Cross Fibre - Puppy_Dog_Tails - SW Merino

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

I love this yarn, just checked out the fibre club..they have a year wait list. Would love to see what you make with this. Love your sweater in Fall 2011 knitty....wish I had more time to knit!! Lisa in Hanover, NH

Lisa Kay said...

Yes, the wait list is over a year. This is my first club fiber after waiting about a year, myself. I had been on the list so long that I forgot I was on it, and I was surprised when I got the email about getting in. :) I can only suggest to put your name on the list. When you work your way to the top, it will be a treat!