Saturday, September 17, 2011

Out and About

We visited my folks, today, meeting them at the park. It was a chance for Mitchell (and Chris) to run around, and Gma got some air, too. Gpa took photos. Thanks, Dad!

Sheve 13
This cool contraption was not in the park when I was growing up...

Sheve 9
This one was, though. It seems a little worse for the wear.

Sheve 12
Maybe that's because people over 10 aren't supposed to get on it... but they do.

Sheve 5
I always imagined this apparatus looked like a space ship.

Sheve 11
We used to hang out in this thing and talk about all sorts of important matters.

Sheve 8

Sheve 7

Sheve 6

Sheve 10
Is this a caterpillar?

Sheve 4
Mitchell was making friends with everybody.

Sheve 3
The climbing wall was a hit.

Sheve 2
The rope jungle gym was a little flippy-floppy, making it a bit strange to climb.

Sheve 1
I think Chris likes the park as much as Mitchell.

Sheve Mom and Me
And the girls mainly watched!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Robin said...

Batman to the rescue. I think the picture of the husband on top of the rope thing is my favorite.