Monday, September 19, 2011

Spinning for a Herd of Trolls

I finished up a "combo" spin, yesterday. I used two each of three colorways with orange in common (think Halloween).
1. FatCatKnits - BFL - Out of Bounds (09/2011 Featured Fiber)
2. Frabjous Fibers - BFL - Hespera
3. Spunky Eclectic - Shetland - Selfish (06/2009 Club)

I separated the fiber more or less by color, trying to get some color sets that would work together.

Chris saw the fiber piles and said it looked like I had shorn a herd of trolls. (Well, I think the verb he used was "massacred," rather than "shorn," but I assume I could harvest their hair in a non-blood-letting fashion...)

I have over twice as much orange/red as I have of the other two, so I think I can do something like alternating stripes (orange, blue, orange, green… repeat) and then have orange left over for bands/trim, also.

Orange: 394 yards

Blue: 155 yards

Green: 170 yards

The yarns are Navajo-plied to keep from mixing the colors too much. All the yarns are aran-weight. They should make a cute Halloween sweater!

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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