Friday, October 28, 2011

Fiber Cupcakes

I found another new scrumptious fiber vice... cupcakes. The Cupcake Fiber Company preps batts in one-ounce cupcakes, presented in half-dozen bakery boxes.

They come in delicious flavors like Chocolate and Caramel, although I selected a slightly less edible flavor called, "Remembering Spring." Isn't it gorgeous? It is superwash BFL and nylon, for socks.

Cupcake Fiber Co - SW BFL and Nylon - Remembering Spring

The six-cupcake sets are perfect for sock spinning, beginning with a single from each cupcake, and then three-plying together, ending up with two 3-ply skeins of the same weight. What a clever idea!

Each individual batt looks good enough to eat... even in green. The shades of blue should make the yarn spin up looking a bit like iridescent beads. :)

Cupcake Fiber Co - SW BFL and Nylon- Remembering Spring-cu

Find the Ravelry group here.

Happy Spinning,
Lisa Kay

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