Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monkey Joe's

Parker invited Mitchell to go to Monkey Joe's after school on Friday, along with Libby and two of her friends, and the five kids had great fun sliding, jumping, and playing air hockey.

Mitchell 2
Parker 4

Libby 1

Mitchell and Libby 1

Parker 6

Libby 3

Jumping 2


Mitchell 4

Air Hockey 2

Air Hockey 1

Parker and Libby 1

Parker 5

Mitchell 5

Libby 2


Such a great time! Gma and Gpa E dropped by, and Gpa took all the pictures! :)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Robin said...

I have the t-shirt that Mitchell is wearing in my size. It makes me happy. I also just got some Perry slippers yesterday at Wal-Mart. Hope you are feeling better.

Lisa Kay said...

Agent P is the coolest! :)