Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fauxlag Spinning

I finished the fauxlag spinning of the brown and blue mixed batts. Here is my yarn, almost 1500 yards (before washing).

SCF SAL 2 - Plied and washed

And a close-up...

SCF SAL 2 - Plied and washed closeup2

I'm thinking of making the Harvest Moon sweater by Heidi Kirrmaier. There is a handspun example that is how I'm envisioning it...

I've also started another fauxlag spinning project. This one is not from batts, though. I made the fauxlags stright from the roving. It is Spunky Eclectic "Corriepaca" in the colorway "Leaf Peep." The Corriepaca is 80% Corriedale and 20% Alapaca. It is soft yet crunchy. Wonderful! Here's the Leaf Peep as it came:

SE - Corriepaca - Leaf Peap

And here is the two pounds of fauxlags, ready to spin:

SE - Corriepaca - Leaf Peap - fauxlags

I really like the way the colors transition. I'm sure it will make a beautiful sweater. Another Raveler is making a sweater with handspun Leaf Peep and white alternating rows, here. That's what had me ordering some Leaf Peep of my own... You can order Leaf Peep and many other colorways on a variety of fiber bases at the Spunky Eclectic site.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Julianna said...

Beautiful spinning! The pic of the 2 lbs of fauxlags is so inspiring - I _must_ tackle a sweater-sized spinning project soon!