Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Indulgence...

Loose Leaf Tea... I was making a cup of herbal tea (from a tea bag) at work on Friday morning, when a co-worker happened upon me and began to extol the virtues of loose leaf tea. Soon, I was in his office receiving a tutorial in brewing loose leaf tea in a "Perfect Tea Maker," and getting a sample smell of a fruity loose tea blend. Roy had been pulled into the vortex of tea at Teavana, and he was smitten. After receiving such a grand endorsement, I had to visit a Teavana shop myself. The shop offers samples and entices with sights and smalls as well as flavors. The display of cast iron teapots in the window beckons the browser into the world of tea options. I am working through my sampler set...


Mitchell has enjoyed some of the fruity, un-caffeinated versions. He said not to waste it, I was trying so many. I told him it is only a waste if I don't enjoy it, and that there is more tea in the world.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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