Thursday, March 8, 2012

Progress Post

I've been busy tooling away on multiple projects... The Elina body is done to the shoulders. Now, I have only the sleeves to knit, and the finishing.

 I'm also spinning up a storm. I've finished the fifth of eight bobbins of Leaf Peep (see previous post for the first bobbin).

 I took a break from knitting Elina (since "ready to cast on the sleeves" is a pretty good spot to come back to later...) and cast on my Tappan Zee out of the SCF & Friends SAL fibre. Here's a shot of the yoke progress. Of course, it lace always looks a little bit like a raisin before it is blocked, so use your imagination, but isn't the yarn knitting up beautifully? I'm really happy with the carded and spun fiber!

SCF SAL 1 - yoke

SCF SAL 1 - yoke cu

The top down construction is a great choice for this yarn, because I can finish the body and then stop the sleeves whenever it runs out. Doing a bottom's up pattern would be dicey, because there is no feasible way to make any more of this yarn. Even if I had the colors of fiber available (which I don't), I could never card it to match. So, top down it is. :)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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