Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Ready for TdF

Tour de Fleece starts Saturday! In case you don't remember, TdF is a spinning activity that runs during the Tour de France, June 30-July 22. Participants are encouraged to spin and post pictures of their spinning every day the bikers ride. (There are two rest days, July 10 and July 17.) If you are interested, you can find out more at the TdF group on Ravelry. There are many groups to join, and you can join more than one. Many groups are aligned with fiber shops. I've joined the Hello Yarn / Southern Cross Fibre team.

I prepped two colors of fiber over the weekend, both using HY and/or SCF fiber. The first is an an SCF club fiber, of which I ordered extras. It is "Longest Night" on Cheviot, six bumps (24 oz.). I made fauxlags directly from the roving (no carding). I did hold some of the darker and lighter pieces together, though, to blend them just a bit more.

SCF - Cheviot - Longest Night

SCF - Cheviot - Longest Night - Rolags

I also prepped an HY/SCF collaboration fiber, "Shadows Half Seen" on Shetland. I separated the colors but did not card or mix them. I wanted to preserve the subtle shading in the dyeing. I'll make three "semi-solid" yarns and use them in some sort of striped project. The stripes won't be the same width... There were five total bumps (20 oz), with about half of it being green, and the least amount in purple.

SCF-HY - Shetland - Shadows Half Seen

Did I mention, Tour de Fleece starts Saturday?!?

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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