Friday, June 8, 2012


I finished plying "Insomnia," a Merino Yak Silk blend from Corgi Hill Farm. I had two four-ounce braids.

The fiber is nice and shiny and oh-so-soft. It was a real treat to spin. I made fauxlags from the roving and spun it up long-draw.

Corgi Hill Farm - Merino Silk Yak - Insomnia

I was shooting for sport weight and ended up with more like fingering. I am planning to alternate it with a solid yarn to make it go farther. I'm thinking about making a Margot, with striping a bit like RaspberryAspalt.

Corgi Hill Farm - Merino Yak Silk - Plied

The color runs are fairly long, so I think the stripes will shade gradually, though not as gradually as the Effektgarn in RaspberryAsphalt. I think it will work, though!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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