Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ravellenic Games

As if the TdF was not enough...

As you probably know if you read here much, I am a great fan and participant on Ravelry. Well, Ravelry runs an event formerly known as the Ravelympic Games... except they aren't allowed to call it that anymore, so it is called the Ravellenic Games, now. It has several knitting and other fiber categories, including spinning, where participants engage in fibery activities while the Olympic Games are on. The 2012 London Olympics start on Friday, July 27th, at 3pm St. Louis time. I'll be spinning more-or-less daily during the Olympics. Oh, boy, another group spinning event! Yay!

I have joined the Nest Fiber Studio team, and I'll be starting with the only unspun Nest roving in my stash, Viola on Superwash BFL.

I also ordered some more Nest fiber in the update, today, which is a mad rush where you have to be online at the announced update time, clicking "refresh."

Bingo Queen on Mixed BFL and Silk:

Desiderata on Mixed BFL:

Block Party on Mixed BFL:

And mixed smaller pieces, called... wait for it... Nestlettes:

The Nest Fiber Studio Ravelry group, including their Ravellenics thread and link to the shop, can be found here. If you are interested in Nest fiber, the group page announces shop update times, which occur about once a month.

Happy Spinning,
Lisa Kay

P.S. All fiber pictures above are from the Nest Fiber Studio shop.

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