Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TdF Day 19

Yesterday was a rest day for the tour, but I finished my second bobbin of Apprentice.

TdF Day 19

Today is the challendge day of the Tour. (It is the hardest day in the bike ride...) So spinners are supposed to do something they consider challenging.

I pulled out a dose of Wensleydale from Southern Cross Fibre in the color "Hunter Valley." I know, I know. I just spun "Hunter," but that is not the same thing...

Anyway, Wensleydale is a "longwool," which is supposed to be a different process, altogether. I read a few tips on Ravelry (bigger whorl to spin slowly, short forward draw, spin worsted not woolen... to that, I would add my own tip of "tighten the bobbin tension for faster take-up.") Still, it went quite well, and I spun about half the dose. I'll leave it as singles. I've never done that before, either. Cool!

TdF Day 19

After I finish Hunter Valley, I'll ply the two bobbins of Hunter and Apprentice (not together), and that should leave me enough time to spin one more dose of something before the Tour ends on Sunday.

Happy Spinning!
Lisa Kay

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