Sunday, July 22, 2012

TdF Day 23 - Last Day!

I spun one last yarn for TdF, today, Southern Cross Fibre "Hawk Dreaming" on Masham, yielding about 440 yards of fingering weight singles.

TdF Day 23

I took a group shot of all my TdF yarns.

1. HY/SCF "Shadows Half Seen" on Shetland, five bumps, 365 yards purple, 546 yards brown, 720 yards green
2. SCF "Longest Night" on Cheviot, six bumps, 1250 yards
3. SCF "Hunter" on Southdown, two bumps, 650 yards
4. SCF "Apprentice" on Southdown, two bumps, 650 yards
5. SCF "Hunter Valley" on Wensleydale, one bump, 345 yards
6. SCF "Carder Food" mixed breeds, ~1.3 bumps, 275 yards
7. SCF "Hawk Dreaming" on Masham, one bump, 440 yards

The total weight is a little over 4.5 pounds, and total yardage is 5241.

Happy Spinning,
Lisa Kay

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