Sunday, September 23, 2012

Aftur Brick Barn Raising

I spun wool for a colorwork sweater, a pattern called Aftur, available as a free download on the Istex site. The pattern name is the first word in the post title... and the rest is from the yarns. The main body yarn is "House of Bricks," a mixed fiber batt from Southern Cross Fibre. I had three four-ounce packages, and ended up with 940 yards of worsted singles. The four small colored skeins are "Barn Raising," an organic merino club from Southern Cross Fibre. To get the "white" in the colorwork chart, I added some undyed merino to the group.

Aftur Brick Barn Raising

The Aftur pattern has a special aspect to it... Scarlett Johansen wears one in the movie, "We Bought a Zoo." I went and found the movie on DVD, and there are actually many excellent sweaters in the movie. I wonder if the folks doing the costumes were knitters...

I am eager to cast on the Aftur sweater, but I'm making good progress on another handspun sweater, which I'm planning to finish, first. It is the striped Hunter Apprentice sweater using the Margot pattern. Pictures of that one, soon!

Happy Spinning,
Lisa Kay

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