Saturday, September 15, 2012


I spun up five bumps (20 ounces) of Southern Cross Fibre club fiber, "Grevillea" on Polwarth. It was a colorway from 2010, before I was getting the club, but I traded/purchased from other club members to put together enough for a sweater. Here's a link to an inspiration photo... Grevillea is a type of flower! And a link to another club member's awesome Grevillea mittens. And below is a shop photo of the original fiber...

SCF Grevillea

I spun it at an aran weight, already thinking of making a Forever Tweed turtleneck pullover, which calls for aran. I got just over 1000 yards, so it should just be enough. If I make the collar last, I can just make it shorter if I run out of yarn.

I separated the colors prior to spinning, creating eight batches of yarn in a color gradient. I'll switch yarns every 2-3 rows, transitioning back and forth from pink to green to pink...


Happy Spinning,
Lisa Kay

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