Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Lovely Christmas Day

Mitchell woke up around normal time and rushed out to see if Santa had come. He was worried he had gotten on the "Naughty List" at the very last moment... Right before bed time, he pulled a towel bar off of the wall, leaving a large hole in the dry wall. Chris and I were not pleased. As he went to bed, he said, "Am I going to get any presents, tonight?"

Well, Santa came, anyway...

Christmas 2012
Mitchell was surprised by the T-ball batting set. It wasn't on his list!

We had gift exchanges with both sets of grandparents, and all four grandparents joined us for lunch and dinner.

Christmas 2012
Gma W was more interested in watching Mitchell than in her presents! Grandmas... go figure!

Christmas 2012
I made both grandpas fingerless mitts.

Christmas 2012
I think Chris liked the magic wand from his parents as much as Mitchell did.

Mitchell is a huge Lego fan, and Santa (and grandparents) brought him some Hobbit Lego sets. We spent all afternoon putting together, Attack of the Wargs.

Christmas 2012
I showed Gma E the process we use, sorting the pieces by type. I usually help Mitchell find the pieces, and he assembles them.

Christmas 2012
Gma and Gpa E enjoyed helping Mitchell with the Legos.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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