Sunday, February 3, 2013

Everlasting Socks

I keep socks as a traveling project. My sock "knitting bag" is a cosmetics bag that was a giveaway at a makeup counter at Macy's, and it holds two half balls of yarn and my sock needles very nicely, as well as fitting inside the top of my purse.

I started these socks last June, and they have been languishing away while I had a hiatus from traveling. I even finished two other pairs handspun socks in the mean time. I had worked on these on a couple of different trips in 2012, and I realized at some point that I had counted my rows a little differently on the foot of the first sock (after the gusset) than I had on a previous trip, and the cables were all one row shorter. Rather than frogging about a third of a finished sock, I decided to just make the second sock to match... which added a bit of anxiety to working the second sock, on top of it having hibernated most of the last half of 2012.

So, another trip came up, and I dutifully took my sock knitting bag out of hiding and slogged through the rest of the second sock. I managed to count my cables the same as the first sock, and so at least the two match.

I find it ironic (or perhaps just appropriate) that the yarn is called "Everlasting Sock," by Dream in Color. It is a subtle semi-solid and hard to see in the photographs, but I think I will wear these socks a lot... because they will go with just about anything. I also have the Everlasting Sock in a bright violet ("Amethyst"), which will be fun (someday). The yarn is eight-ply, a type of yarn I was told makes stitch patterns pop... and is like the much-sought-after Wollmeise.

Everlasting Sock

Everlasting Sock

Everlasting Sock

The pattern is "BFF" from CookieA's "Knit. Sock. Love." I've made the pattern a couple of times before (socks #48 and #49), and so the fact that I ended up with trouble counting the cables can only be attributed to complacency, I suppose.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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