Saturday, March 30, 2013

Planning Some Combos...

Spunky Eclectic's forum group is doing a combo spin-along. (In spinning, a "combo" refers to plying together different colorways of fiber.) In the spin-along, at least one of the plies has to be either Spunky Eclectic, Southern Cross Fibre, or Hello Yarn... extra points for using all three.

I have selected six braids, to make two 3-ply combo spins.

Top: SE "Burning Bush" on South African Fine
Lower left: SCF “Dark Wings” on Polwarth
Lower right HY “Burrows” on Rambouillet

Top: SE “Fjord” on Portuguese Merino
Lower left: SCF “Terrestrial” on Bond
Lower right HY “Silt” on Portuguese Merino

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

PS: Some favorited combos: here, here, and here

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