Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Own Lego Store

St. Louis had the official opening of its own Lego Store this weekend in the West County Mall. We don't normally go quite that far west, but we made an exception...

The line looked a bit intimidating, winding out the corrals, down the mall to the first maintenance hallway, and then turning down that hallway. I saw a lot of people shaking their heads. It only took us about half an hour to get into the store. (Now that I say that, it sounds kind of silly, but the drive was longer!)

Lego 1

Mitchell was fairly patient about the line. Actually, the biggest problem we had with the line was that there was a hermit crab vendor near the line, and it led to a discussion of not having a pet... a current disappointment for him.

Lego 2

The store staff managed the line very well, keeping people from trying to join the line at the corner (instead of down the maintenance hall), and entertaining the folks about to enter the store. The first guy was starting to lose his voice. The lady behind me in line said that she had been in the mall earlier in the week and there were only five people in the store... no one knew it was open. (Of course we didn't. It wasn't advertised to be open until May 10!)

Lego 3

Everyone was much happier once inside, of course!

Lego 3-5

The cubby holes had Lego dioramas in them, custom, apparently. Of course, there were many kits assembled in large cases, too.

Lego 4

Lego 5

Lego 6

The store mainly has kits available widely in other stores (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.) and on line. A couple of different things they have are the "make your own minifigure" stand, where you pick a head, body, legs, hair or hat, and one accessory per minifigure. They also have an "open stock" area in the back where you can pick a canister size and put as many parts into it as you want, for one canister price. If you just want a certain size for some reason, that would be the way to go...

Lego 7

Chris noted that the light fixtures were shaped like large scale Lego connections.

All in all, a successful outing.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Krista McCurdy said...

My friend actually interviewed for a job position at Lego, but although she said everyone there was super awesome and they were ready to hire her....the salary offered was so low beneath the one she was currently making, that she had to pass. But apparently Lego employees are nice. :-)