Sunday, June 2, 2013


We took Mitchell to the Fort de Chartres annual Rendezvous for the first time. If you think the rubber boots are odd, check out the water level above the foot bridge in the first shot. In fact, the rain has covered so much of the parking areas (grass fields) that the event was officially cancelled. However, people did not seem to heed the cancellation.

Rendezvous 1

There were people in every sort of "period" attire, and there was a "fashion show" in the afternoon where various costumes were explained.

Rendezvous 2

There were some kilt-wearing pipers, and they even did some dancing...

Rendezvous 5

Rendezvous 6

Rendezvous 7

Mitchell climbed around on the fort, as many kids were doing.

Rendezvous 3

Rendezvous 8

Rendezvous 4

I was surprised there were not "please don't climb on the walls" signs everywhere... After all, it's a historic site.

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Lisa Kay

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