Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weaving Update

I took the Bullseye Twill off of the loom and washed it. The pattern is very subtle in the two semi-solid yarns so close in color...


Bullseye 2

I was not terribly mindful of the selvedges, because I'm going to cut the fabric to make a purse. More on that later...

I have also started another project, a plain weave scarf from a pre-measured warp from Earth Guild. Kay, my weaving instructor, had one of their scarves on her loom when I had my first lesson. Kay was weaving a different kit, the 15-16 epi scarf warp (which makes three scarves). I ordered the 12 epi scarves, specifically identified as "rigid heddle" scarf kits. I'm using my 12.5 epi heddle, though. The weft is 8/2 rayon, held double, and the warp is rayon slub. The colors are so beautiful, I couldn't decide, and I ordered three, Ocean Waves, Ruby Slippers, and Shadow Play.

Earth Guild Rigid Heddle Scarves

The reason the Shadow Play bag looks sort of empty is that I already started that one! Here is the warp wound onto the back beam:

Earth Guild Rigid Heddle Scarves - Shadow Play - warped

And I started weaving, this morning:

Earth Guild Rigid Heddle Scarves - Shadow Play - Header

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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