Friday, July 26, 2013

Weaving Lesson Towels Done!

I finished my weaving lessons on Tuesday, and I've hemmed the two towels.

Lessons - Weaving - Finished towel 3

I used a simple turned hem and blind-hemmed with sewing thread. I matched the patterns across the width so that it would turn out straight. The turned hem is a bit puffier than I would like, and I may try a recommendation I've seen of using smaller thread and/or plain weave to make the rolled-under part smaller.

Lessons - Weaving - Finished towel 2

The two towels turned out different due to a counting error... One of them has only three repeats along the length instead of four. Since the two weren't a matched set, anyway, I split them up, giving one to my mom for her birthday, and keeping one myself.

Lessons - Weaving - Finished towel 4

I have a bit more than half of the cone of blue, left, and I have already wound another warp. I tried to maximize the length, thinking I would get three towels out of it... I went too far and was 30 ends short. Since the little diamond patterns are 8-ends each, I'll leave out an extra two ends (32 total), and reduce the pattern by four diamonds. There are four width-wise repeats of the small diamond pattern (six diamonds), so I'll make that small pattern five diamonds wide instead of six.

Lessons - Weaving - Finished towel 1

I'll be ready to put the warp on as soon as I get my loom. I'm hoping that will be some time next week. I'll have to be here to receive it, and I am off next week, so that will work out well. I haven't received the freight notice, yet. In case you're wondering, I ordered a Mighty Wolf, 8-shaft loom, in Maple. It's a folding loom (a driving requirement, so I can move it out of the way when not in use), and it has a removable back beam. On the HD loom in lessons, the back beam was not removable (technically). We took it off, anyway, but that wouldn't be a good long-term solution, from a wear-and-tear point of view. It would be a little tough on the wood screws. Anyway, once I narrowed down the requirements:

1. Folding
2. Removable back beam
3. At least 30" weaving width

... the Mighty Wolf was the only one that seemed viable! I considered waiting a couple months and getting a Cherry one, but the combination of cost and wanting to get started, now, drove me to go ahead and order a Maple one.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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