Friday, August 2, 2013

Mini Vacation

Chris, Mitchell, and I went away for a couple of days, not too far away, but just a little overnight driving trip into Missouri wine country.

On the way, we went by one of our favorite stores, Cabela's in St. Charles, and we made our first stop. Mitchell always likes to go there because of the fish tanks and taxidermy. He posed in front of some of the animals, and I carefully positioned him in front of the bear.

Vacation 1 - Cabelas

From there, we went on to Defiance, MO, and the Daniel Boone Home. Mitchell's favorite part was the lizard in the front garden. I foolishly took no pictures, there, but I did buy some tea. The tea was made in bricks for shipping at that time, and the gift shop has some of available for the tourists. I don't really think it is going to be the best tea (and it may not even be at all fresh), but I thought it was so interesting that I ought to try it. Apparently, one simply scrapes some pieces off to brew it...

Vacation 1a - Tea

We stayed overnight in a hotel with an indoor pool, and Mitchell enjoyed an hour of swimming before spending his first night ever in a hotel.

The second day, we headed to Hermann, MO, and we toured a couple of old homes and bought Mitchell a donut in the bake shop. We ate lunch at the Stone Hill Winery's restaurant, which serves traditional German food. I enjoyed my sauerbraten and spätzle, along with a glass of wine, of course.

Vacation 2 - MandC Stone Hill

Vacation 3 - L StoneHill

Mitchell apparently decided that, if we were posing with our glasses, he could too... the little ham.

Vacation 4 - M StoneHill

Mitchell and Chris threw some stones in the Missouri River at the waterfront in Hermann.

Vacation 5 - Missouri River

We also stopped at the Lego Store in the West County Mall on our way, home. Mitchell made three custom mini-figures.

It was a low-key mini-vacation, a trip of firsts:

1. First time Chris and I stayed in a hotel together since our honeymoon. (First time ever for Mitchell.)
2. First time a man kissed my hand. (The waiter in the Mexican restaurant the first night. I should get out more.)
3. First time I bought a full case of wine. (Chris and I liked the same one, and cases were 25% off!)
4. First time anyone asked me if Mitchell was my grandson. (I'm still fuming about that one.)

Mission accomplished!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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yardbird78 said...

Hope you had a good vacation, "grandma"!!!!!