Monday, September 16, 2013

Ocean Warps and An Interlude

I wound my warp for the Ocean Towel Swap.

ocean warp chains

You may be able to discern in the photo that there are two (at least two) colors in each section. That's because the loop of warp has two directions (of course). Even "aligned" in color repeat, the warp isn't wound clockwise or counterclockwise all the time... it goes from one end peg and then back the other direction. (This isn't a surprise... I saw this coming... Really!) So, I plan to sley alternating colors into groups, nine threads at a time. The "wave" draft is 18 threads per repeat, so this will give the waves one color on the leading edge and another color on the trailing edge.

I say "at least two" colors in each section because the color repeat did vary a bit. It got longer as I went. That's better than shorter, I suppose... I think the yarn must have been wound in a "stacking" fashion when it was dyed, with the loop a bit longer as it stacked. Anyway, I adjusted it a bit at the end peg (winding a few wraps around the last peg sometimes, to take out a smidge of length), but it will have a "diagonal" aspect in the color, even assuming I can get it warped without mis-aligning the threads any more than they already are.

Unfortunately, my white 8/2 weft is back-ordered, and still not shipped. I decided I might get "locked out" of weaving for a while if I warped the Ocean Towels, so I decided to go ahead and do another project first. I wound the green warp for the next towel in the Fiesta Towel booklet. It is quite similar to the Blue Fiesta Towels, a point twill with 360 ends, in 5/2 cotton. So I *do* have more white cotton, as you'll notice as I get going on this project, but it is 5/2, not the 8/2 I need for the Ocean towels!

Green Warp Chains

I got it sleyed last night.

Green Warp Sleyed

It is sleyed in a 12-dent reed (12 slots per inch), and the sett is 18. Therefore, it alternates 1-2-1-2, or one thread per slot alternating with two threads per slot. The white string around the reed lets me keep track of the "two threads per slot." When there are two, the first one goes below the thread and the second above the thread. The white string gets removed after threading. I know it doesn't really matter (you can just poke two in a slot), but that's how Kay taught me to do it in lessons, and it appeals to my sense of order. Or, you can call me Type A, if you will. :)

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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