Sunday, October 20, 2013

Iris IV

A few weeks ago, I mentioned beginning to spin "Marine Predator," and now, I can tell you what I've been doing with it! First of all, here is the finished yarn.

Marine Predator-plied

It is Navajo-plied, or "n-plied" or "chain-plied," as they say. I split the roving into eighths, length-wise, because I wanted fairly short repeats for stripes (for a small project...).

I don't normally "cake" may yarns right away, because the cakes are sometimes fairly tight, and I think it may "stretch" the yarn a bit. I try not to store them for long periods in cakes. Since I planned to use this one for a project with a deadline, I caked it up. I took a picture of it because I thought the colors played very nicely across the ball.

Marine Predator-plied and caked

The intended purpose of this yarn was to make a monster for my younger nephew, Reese's, second birthday. Iris IV was the result, an erstwhile sister for Iris III, my older nephew, Dane's, monster, which I made for him on his second birthday.

Iris for Reese

I think that perhaps Iris IV came out a bit smaller than Iris III, because the yarn is a smaller gauge. Still, the two will be quite alike, in somewhat coordinating blues. With them in the same household, hopefully there won't be territorial monster issues! I realized I forgot Iris IV's belly button, after she was already sent, and I suppose the lack of a belly button will be the subject of great teasing from her sister. I'm sure my brother would have gleefully informed me of my alien origins if I had somehow arrived sans belly button. I suppose Iris IV will simply have to figure out a way to hold her own. Perhaps she can reply, "Oh, yeah? Well you're made with commercial yarn!" ...not that I would have instilled any sense of pride in her handspun origins, or anything of the sort...

This all presumes, of course, that Iris III hasn't met some sad demise, perhaps in the jaws of a four-legged critter. Canines are formidable foes of small, chewy (I mean,... ahem,... plush) monsters, you know... (I can only imagine that the long arms and legs would swing back and forth in an extremely satisfying fashion while being shaken by an attacking dog. But I digress...)

Happy Birthday, Reese!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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