Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ocean Towel Weaving

I've woven the first few inches on the Ocean Towels. You can just see the knots of the beginning of the warp over the end of the front beam.

Ocean Towels - Weaving Started

I still have a few loose beats, but I'm getting it figured out.

Ocean Towels - Weaving Closeup

Off to work!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Following along with your weaving adventures, Beautiful work! Love the new towels. Just curious, though, why is the darker color used for warp? Would it have a different look if you switched out the colors?

Martha from Ohio

Lisa Kay said...

Martha, there are a couple of reasons... The main one is that I wanted to make the warp a multiple of the color repeat in the variegated yarn. I could control the length of the warp to the color repeat, but doing that in the weft would not really be feasible. (The towels are intended to be about 18" wide when finished, but the color repeat in the blue variegated yarn was 58".) Secondly, I thought the white would look like white caps on waves. Actually, I think the pattern might look prettier in a darker weft yarn, perhaps navy blue, but I'll probably just continue in white. (That's what I have...)