Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swatch Cap

As part of Tour de Fleece this year, I spun my Ivy League Vest Kit. While these six yarns will make a lovely vest, I also included some of my Submerge/Cuttlefish combo in the hat, just because I wanted some blue for the pattern. The pattern is the blue/green star pattern from the cover of Nordic Knitting Traditions.

star beret 2

star beret 3

Because I was swatching for the vest, I was on a larger needle (US 4) than called for in the hat (US 2), and eliminated two repeats of the pattern, making it a seven-point star instead of nine. The hat is 25 stitches and 29 rows to four inches.

I have also cast on the vest. The gauge is even a bit larger than called for in the vest pattern (28sts/32rows), so I cast on a smaller size (34 3/4), to get a 38. I'm not quite a 38, but the pattern says it accommodates up to 5 inches negative ease. Also, I'm about to start a fitness challenge...

Ivy League Cast On

Ivy League Cast On - Close up

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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Anonymous said...

Love the hat! And good luck with the fitness challenge!