Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday Boy Ties His Shoes

Mitchell's birthday party was this last weekend, and he had a great time skating, even though he got a blister and had to ditch his skates part of the way through the party.


Mitchell skating

The kids played a game, girls vs boys (of course!) where the announcer said, "One-Two-Three Drop" and the last person standing lost a point.


Drop - Alyssa

I had a good dozen pictures of him with his cake, and they all had candle flame reflections in a halo around Mitchell's head. Chris said, "Well, we already knew he's an angel!" (I know we're biased. I'd at least have to say, honestly, that we are blessed.)

Birthday - Cake 2
Birthday - Cake 1

It was a milestone weekend in another way, too. He had to have new shoes, and we finally insisted on laces instead of velcro. He had never seemed at all interested in laces, and resisted it the one time I got him laced shoes in the past. This time, he asked me to draw him a diagram. It occurred to me that I could find diagrams on the web, and so I searched on "Teach Kids To Tie Shoes," and I found the "Magic Fingers" method of tying. He picked it up in the advertised five minutes! Yay!

Happy Knitting,
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