Monday, February 17, 2014

Spinning: Week 7-- and Other Shetland Shenanigans

I finished up spinning the last of the "Java" on Shetland, three more ounces, for a total of eight. I now have twelve bobbins ready to ply, four each in three colors of Shetland.

Feb 17 - Java 8 ounces

I also completed the second sleeve, neck, and finishing touches (whipping down the steeks) on the Baltasound Cropped Jumper. The wooly board arrived, and I have the jumper blocking. I would not have made nearly this much progress, but I had a snow day, today, again. Ice, actually.

Baltasound - Done - Blocking 1

Baltasound - Done - Blocking 2

The sleeve join on this jumper is very clever, as I've mentioned... The design flows in two directions, but stays unbroken. So cool!

Baltasound - Done - Blocking 3

I also received the Rona kit and the book "Shetland Textiles: 800 BC to Present." What a wonderful book! It has excellent photographs of many of the artifacts in the Shetland Museum, as well as photography of the area. Beautiful!


Before I dive into Rona, I'll do the Roscalie vest (kit photo in this post), a bit easier project. I started winding the yarn balls, this evening...

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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