Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spinning: Week 10

I prepped Southern Cross Fibre's "Brotherhood" and "Adrenaline Rush" on Spelsau, along with a few bits and bobs of extras that came with my weaving handtowel swap, 24+ ounces, three bumps of each.

March 10 - Fauxlags

I finished spinning five bobbins of singles and plied the first two, about 80 yards of aran.

March 10 - Spelsau

The whole set is going to be one big gradient. The darkest purple is on the far right bobbin. The other two bobbins are the next color lighter, and the plied yarn is the third purple in the gradient. The gradient goes all the way through pink and then to an orange color, but the lighter colors are much less in quantity (and contained in the bottom of one of the baskets of fauxlags). Because the bright colors are a small fraction of the fibre, I'm thinking of using those in a fair isle yoke, and the rest of the sweater a "solid" purple gradient, darkest at the bottom.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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