Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Butterfly Background

Mitchell and I are on a snow day, and I finished appliqueing the background pieces for the Butterfly Sampler.

The basic instructions are to use a monochrome background. I thought the "off-white" might be a bit boring, but it helps if you call it, "Champagne." Hah!

I made it a little bit bigger than instructed... and my butterflies will be a bit further apart.

Butterfly Background - Champagne

The example in "Creative Texturing" had two perpendicular rows of blocks, edged with ribbons, and a single circle. I went with three, obviously. Here are a couple in closeup. These will be fund to embellish with embroidery...

Butterfly Background - Champagne - check circle

Butterfly Background - Champagne - brown cirrcle

The book also had three little hexagon flower elements, which I decided to do, as well. I found the "English Paper Piecing" (EPP) unexpectedly fun to do. Now, I suppose I'll end up collecting little hexagons in a box, somewhere...

Butterfly Background - Champagne - hexies

I'm ready to sew on butterflies!

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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