Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Week


Gma Linda (Gma E) and MaryAnn (Gma #3) both have birthdays over the next few days. My nephew, Dane, also had his first birthday earlier this week. My brother has his 45th birthday in a few more days. As a start to the birthday week, Gma Linda, MaryAnn, Mitchell and I did our normal Friday lunch... with a twist.  We tried to go to Bailey's Chocolate Bar, but they don't open until 4pm. Bummer! We ended up at Pi, a popular pizza place with three locations in St. Louis. We went to the one in The Loop.

Birthday Girls (Note Mitchell at the bar)

Mr. Independent

Pizza #1

Pizza #2

It just so happens that Pi is right next to Knitty Couture in The Loop. So, obviously, we stopped to look at yarn after lunch. Mitchell picked out a kit to make a green monster. 

Iris, The Gourmet Monster, from Lorna's Laces (with Shepherd Worsted)

Thi had a lovely sample of the scarf, Haven, from Kim Hargreaves's Heartfeltknitted up and displayed in the shop.

Haven Scarf

In the wonderfully soft and fuzzy Rowan Cocoon, it begged to be petted, even on a "Heat Warning in Effect" summer day in St. Louis. I offered to make Mom and MaryAnn Haven scarves for Christmas, and they picked out Cocoon in Mountain (grey) and Polar (off-white). The pattern looks very simple and I imagine it will knit up quicker than a pair of socks. It seems similar in stitch pattern to the Reims stitch pattern, though slightly asymmetrical. I should be able to whip these out rather quickly.



I think I'm going to have to make Iris, first, though. Mitchell pestered me all the way home about starting the monster before the nap. He was very excited about Iris, talking about the many aspects of the monster. One of the things he said was, "Some monsters have horns. This monster doesn't though. This monster is bald."

If you're in the St. Louis area, don't forget that next Friday through Sunday is the "Summer's Last Blast Yarn Crawl" at several St. Louis yarn shops. Each shop will have prizes, and there are several grand prizes for folks with filled-out passports.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Robin said...

How do you get Mitchell to still take a nap???? I couldn't bribe Ben to take one. The scarves will be beautiful.

Lisa Kay said...

Well, the napping is something that he's just always done... He seems almost ready to give it up. About once a week or so, now, he won't nap. However, his bedtime is creeping later. I think that if we could give up the nap, we could keep a more reasonable bedtime...