Monday, January 28, 2013

Accent Pack #14

In one of the shop updates on Southern Cross Fibre, I purchased a color set called "Accent Pack #14" on Polwarth Silk. It is eight ounces of "Deep Purple," and one ounce each of the coordinating colors, "Silver Lining," "Moon Rock," "India Ink," and "Aster." I also managed to snag another eight ounces of the lightest grey, "Silver Lining."

scf nov 2012

I have it in mind to make a Boreal, which would ideally just use the "Deep Purple" and "Silver Lining." However, I will almost certainly run short on yarn. Aside from making it a bit cropped, I may do the bottom hem in a bit of a gradient of the darker greys and the "Aster," in order to get more yards of yarn into play.

The Boreal pattern includes instructions for both worsted weight and aran weight yarn. I spun for worsted, thinking I could make the yarn go farther that way. Of course, it takes more yarn for the worsted instructions, too... but a thinner sweater should still use less fiber for a given size, theoretically...

Because of "Fauxlag-Along" in one of the Ravelry forums, I made a particular point of photographing my fiber prep:

borealis - deep purple fauxlags
A bouquet of "Deep Purple" fauxlags

SCF Polwarth Silk
"Silver Lining"

Accent Pack 14
"Moon Rock," "Aster," and "India Ink"

So, I finished my spinning in batches, and I've taken their little glamour shots individually...

SCF Polwarth Silk

Accent Pack 14 - Silver Lining

SCF - Polwarth Silk - Aster Moon Rock India Ink

Deep Purple: 480 yds.
Silver Lining: 512 yds.
India Ink: 55 yds.
Moon Rock: 46 yds.
Aster: 53 yds.

While I was spinning for Boreal, I finished knitting Grevillea Gradient, and I needed something else to knit. I pulled out some handspun from Tour de Fleece 2011 and started another raglan sweater:

Spunky and Funky

Happy Knitting!
Lisa Kay

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