Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Standing Stones and A Twinkle in My Eye

In late April, I spun up my oldest bag of Southern Cross Fibre (SCF), as part of "Clubless April." Because SCF was doing a change-over in club ordering process, there was a month without fiber, and folks started discussing what to do, what to do (because none of us has any significant build up of fiber inventory, of course... Hah!) The group launched into spinning their oldest colorway. I had "Standing Stones" on South African Merino/Corrie blend from a "destash" before I even got into club. (Long waiting list.)

I spun up some singles, which still makes me a little nervous... The plying always seems to even things out! I spun some long-wool singles in TdF last year, Wensleydale and Masham, and my Aftur yarns were singles of Merino and mixed batts... but I still "worry" when I make singles.

SCF - Standing Stones

These singles turned out a bit finer than a really wanted, but I'm pretty happy with them. I really don't know what I'll make, yet. It occurs to me that they might weave into a nice scarf, perhaps with a brown sock yarn as warp...

Yes, yes, I have the weaving bug. I need to get signed up for lessons before I get all carried away a buy something that won't fit in my house in the first place. Maybe I need to displace the Lego storage cabinet... Hmmm.

Chris is aware that I am getting antsy about weaving. I’ve been looking through my “Learning to Weave” book, and I’ve got my first copy of “Hand Woven” magazine… which he picked up and paged through and actually read some articles. He’s starting to pick up a few of the terms, and he definitely knows what a loom is, that I’m thinking of getting one, and how much room it may take up, depending on what I end up getting.

He was sitting by me on on the couch when I was looking at some of the "studio" posts the other day, and I gasped on one of them, and he said, “What?” I said, “It’s a loo-o-om.” He said, ”Loom doesn’t have three syllables.” (The "studio" link is to a Ravelry forum post. If you aren't on Ravelry, you can see the picture in question, here.)

Chris offered to take me to the "knit store" for Mother's Day. I said, "I don't need any more yarn." (I didn't actually admit that, did I? Nonsense!) Well, he had something altogether different in mind... and we ended up at The Weaving Department over on Dunn Rd. I teased him about the "loo-o-om," and he said he might get me a shuttle. He's so funny.

Actually, it may be quite a gesture just to concede the floor space... My candidates are changing hourly. Here is one twinkle in my eye...

By the way, in all the "studio" posting, I took some pictures of my own and posted them in the forum. Here they are for the blog...

I took a picture of each corner, from the opposite corner, in my craft room. It is one of three bedrooms in my house.

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

Studio 4

And yes, yes, the closet is full of fiber...

I suppose, if I moved the spinning wheel, I could put a loom right in the middle... It needs to be portable and be able to be set up in the living room or be "put away." Hmmm.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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