Thursday, May 30, 2013


I warped the loom this morning. I used some advice from Amy Singer on Knitty, using two tables instead of one, placing the warping peg on a separate little table. I also used the Ashford guidance on warping solo. One weird thing is that I had the "back beam" up against a wall, so I had to reach across the loom to pull the yarn around the warping stick. It worked out OK, though. I just had to detach it and turn it around to wind the warp onto the back beam.(One lesson learned... put the warping peg on the far side of the table from the loom, not the near side. When I was about half done, the peg slipped off, because of the tension pulling it slightly toward the loom. Before putting all the loops back on, I turned the table around. Duh.

Direct warping using the warping peg

Warp wound onto the back beam

Warp tied onto the front warping stick

Ready to weave (three rows of waste yarn, to be removed later)

The yarn is Zen Yarn Garden sock yarn in "Navy Spritz," which was left over from my Glacial Stripes socks. The striped socks used less than half of a normal pair's worth of yarn.

While the rigid heddle looms are typically used to make simple weaves because of only having two shed positions, there are ways to extend it further... One of the ways is with the "second heddle" option. There are some great tips on Ask the Bellwether for weaving "three shaft patterns" with a rigid heddle loom.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay


Anonymous said...

I am interested in learning about weaving, hope you don't mind my following you through this adventure! to weave with sock-yarn weight or lace weight, what size heddles would you need?

Thank you!

Martha from Ohio

Lisa Kay said...

A general rule of thumb for heddle epi is 1/2 of the wpi. I don't mind if you follow along! I'm also signed up for six weeks of lessons on a floor loom starting week. :)