Monday, January 25, 2016

Butterfly Applique'

I appliqued the butterflies to the background. The rows get further apart going down.

Butterflies Appliqued

I put on the bodies and about three quarters of the antennae. The antennae are two strands of embroidery floss using "whipped reverse chain stitch." Basically, just do a chain stitch (or reverse chain, depending on which direction you like to chain), and then whip through each chain in the link. In this case, I used the same thread for both, but I'm sure you could whip it with a different color for an interesting effect. In the end, it looks like a stem stitch, only thicker.
Butterfly Antennae - 1

Butterfly Antennae - 2

The area at the side where the stacked fabric shows will likely be covered after the embellishing embroidery goes on. In the class example version, the brown bodies were smaller than the base, and the colored base showed all around the brown body piece. However, using the templates in the pattern, the edges were even.

Happy Knitting,
Lisa Kay

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